• Jan 20th 2023

    Leprechaun Gnome Magnet

    Every year on March 17th, people around the world celebrate St. Patricks Day. What was once originally a religious celebration, has over time become a day of parades, friendship, beer and pure magic!…

    Published by Jayme Fent

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  • Aug 13th 2022

    Pumpkin Patch Tutorial

    September marks the beginning of fall where crafters and artists start creating with the fall colors oranges, reds, yellows, greens, and browns. Our fall pre-cut shapes offer a varitey of pumpkins,…

    Published by Ann Klos

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  • Jul 3rd 2022

    Glass Fusing Schedules

    Note: The below firing schedules should be used as a point of reference only! All kilns fire differently, get to know your kiln and take extensive notes.…

    Published by Ann Klos

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  • Aug 9th 2021

    How To Paint Garden Stakes

    First, how about a fun fact about our stainless steel garden stake.  The prototype was developed in Fall of 2014, we started selling them in the Spring of 2015 and since then have sold over 15000…

    Published by Joyce Novotney

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