COE90 Precut Glass Shapes & Designs

The COE90 Precut Glass Shapes and Designs category is where you can find our full line of precut glass shapes cut almost exclusively out of glass made by Bullseye Glass Company. Some of the precut glass shapes you can find in this category include fishes, cupcakes, music notes, card suits, animals & insects, Christmas & Halloween shapes, and so much more. We also cut circles, hearts, stars, ovals and crosses in a wide variety of sizes and colors, those shapes can be found in the Geometric Shapes category. Even though we offer almost all of our shapes in both COE’s you will not find the same color combinations for both, as each glass manufacturer has their own color palette we work within.

Side Note: Just because the precut is cut out of fusible glass that does not mean it is exclusively a fusible product. A lot of our one-piece precuts work beautifully as a mosaic shape, especially after you have jazzed it up with some decorations and fused it.