Bullseye Glastac Glass Fusing Glue

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Size: 4 fluid ounces (120ml)

Glastac gel glass fusing glue is another fabulous Bullseye product! The 'tackier' glass gel formula holds all of your glass design elements in place so they do not slide around before firing and it burns off cleaning leaving no residue behind.

  • Tacking multiple glass sheets together with great holding power so you can move your projects sooner.
  • When applies it holds its shape well when mixed with powdered frit. Create fine lines, lettering, and more!
  • Can be applied with a paint brush.
  • Stays sticky longer so you have more working time before it dries.
  • Perfect glass glue for children to use when creating with glass.
  • Has a blue tint to let you see where your glue has been placed, but burns off clean.
Glastac Gel is highly recommended by the Jubilee creative team!

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