COE90 Bullseye Glass Dots - Opaque Volcano

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Diameter: 6mm
Length: 2-3mm

Glass Manufacturer: Bullseye Glass Company
Opaque Orange Rod - 000125-0576-F-P005
Opaque Dusty Lilac Rod - 000303-0576-F-P005
Opaque Pumpkin Orange Rod - 000321-0576-F-P005
Opaque Tomato Red Rod - 000024-0576-F-P005 
Opaque French Vanilla Rod - 000137-0576-F-P005

Each 1 oz. package contains a quantity of approximately 100 - 150 slices.

These dots are made by cutting 6mm Bullseye glass rods down into 2-3mm slices. Full fuse them standing up to create polka dots or full fuse them laying on their side to create pill a pill shape. You can then use your dots to decorate your fused glass projects.

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