COE96 Fusible Precut Glass Multi-Piece Butterfly

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Size: 4" x 2 1/2"

Due to the nature of spirit glass each butterfly will look dramatically different but equally stunning.

Butterfly contains four individual glass pieces.

Glass Manufacturer: Oceanside Glass & Tile
Atlantis Spirit - OGT436176SF
Semi-Translucent Wispy Orange - OGT3771SF
Semi-Translucent Wispy Yellow/ White - OGT3671SF
Opaque Black - OGT1009SF
Glass Thickness: 3mm

Glass Manufacturer: Oceanside Glass & Tile
Opaque White Thin - OGT200S2MMF
Glass Thickness: 2mm

© 2017 Joyce Novotney

We have three different colors of the multi-piece butterfly for COE96, use them to mix and match to create different color sets. Use our one piece white base to create butterfly garden stakes for your flower beds..

Get Creative!

Use other glass embellishments to add to these already stunning butterflies

Waterjet cut in the USA!

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