Stainless Steel Plant Stake 15"

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Size: 15" long with 1" diameter glue pad.

Bedazzle your garden with beautiful flower and garden marker plant stakes!
Our patent pending stainless steel rust resistant plant stakes allow you to add glass to your garden or outdoor space. Place your glass plant stakes in the yard or home for everlasting color and happiness.

1. Thoroughly clean the garden stake with alcohol or dish soap and water.
2. Simply rough the surface with a course grit sanding paper or sanding sponge and you are ready to glue your plant stake to your project.
3. Use an RTV, 100% silicone or Aquarium cement to adhere your plant stake to your project creating a watertight bond with enough flexibility to withstand moderate outdoor conditions.
4. We recommend a minimum of 48 hours drying time of the silicone prior to using your plant stakes.

Get Creative!

  • Paint base any color you want using an exterior type spray paint in a can like Rustoleum. Spray paint can be found at any hardware store. Be sure to allow enough drying time (we recommend at least 24 hours) before starting your project.
  • Create garden plant markers usings our line of precut fusible glass vegetables and garden word decals.
  • Create whimsical flower plant stakes with our full line of precut fusible glass flowers. They also make a unique glass gift for friends and family!
  • Plant stakes can add color and fun to an office cubicle.
  • Add a beautiful plant stake to accent a lush green indoor plant.

Made in the USA!

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