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COE90 Fusible Precut Glass Turkey

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Size: 2" x 2"

Glass Manufacturer: Bullseye Glass Company
Opaque Woodland Brown, Ivory & Black - 003203-0030-F
Opaque Butterscotch - 000337-0030-F
Glass Thickness: 3mm

© 2019 Joyce Novotney

The precut glass Turkey is our very first Thanksgiving precut! We picked out a beautiful streaky brown for the main body of the turkey and used Bullseye's butterscotch for the wing. No two turkeys will ever look the same because of the streaky glass!

Get Creative!

Pair our precut glass Turkey with our precut glass Pumpkins, Maple Leaves, Oak Leaves and Candy Corn to create beautiful fused glass serving dishes for your Thanksgiving dinner.

Waterjet cut in the USA!

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