COE96 Fusible Precut Glass Large Holly Leaf

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Size: 1 1/2" x 3/4"

Glass Manufacturer: Oceanside Glass & Tile
Translucent Light Green - OGT121SF
Translucent Dark Green - OGT125SF
Aventurine Green - OGT128AVF

Glass Thickness: 3mm

© 2007 Ann Novotney

Save your time this holiday season by using our precut glass holly leaves. Perfect for your next fused plate or platter. And available in two different sizes and two different colors.

Get Creative!

The precut holly leaf is simple enough that you can copper foil the larger size for use in your next stained glass panel. Or use the precut holly leaf by itself to create a beautiful sun catcher.

Waterjet cut in the USA!

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