Stainless Steel Versatile Slumping Mold

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Width: 5"
Length: 6"
Highest point of curve: 7/8"

Mold Features:
  • Formed from 16 gauge stainless steel.
  • Mold has built in feet that measure 3/8" - No need to elevate mold on kiln posts!
  • The curve of this mold is perfect for making fused glass night lights!
  • Custom stainless steel molds manufactured by Jubilee Creative are the highest quality stainless steel molds in the glass fusing industry.
  • These stainless steel molds are extremely durable and last for countless firings. Stainless steel molds are lightweight and are difficult to scratch or deform.

Mold Preparation:
Although our molds can be kiln washed we strongly suggest using thin fire paper between the mold and your project. Thin fire fusing paper is easier and quicker to use than traditional kiln wash and will not flake off causing the glass to stick to the mold. Always cut thin fire fusing paper about 1/2" larger than your project.

Made in the USA!

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