COE90 Fusible Precut Glass One Piece Butterfly

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Size: 1 3/4" x 1 1/4"

Glass Manufacturer: Bullseye Glass Company
Translucent Turquoise Blue - 001116-0030-F
Translucent Spring Green - 001426-0030-F
Translucent Orange - 001125-0030-F
Translucent Yellow - 001120-0030-F
Glass Thickness: 3mm

Save glass cutting time with our convenient COE90 precut fusible one piece glass butterflies! Get creative with friends and family to make spring and summer themed projects! Use them to create fused plates, platters, and suncatchers or use them in your next mosaic or traditional stained glass project.

Get Creative!
These awesome glass butterflies come in four colors and a matching fusible glass decal. Create a beautiful butterfly plate for your sister, mother, grandmother, or BFF!

Waterjet cut in the USA!

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