COE90 Fusible Precut Glass Dragonfly - Clear Tekta

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Size: 3" x 4"

Glass Manufacturer: Bullseye Glass Company
Clear Tekta - 001100-0038-F
Glass Thickness: 3mm

© 2013 David Klos

COE90 Fusible Precut Glass Dragonfly. We also offer butterflies, ornaments, gingerbread man, and more.

Get Creative:

Have a fusing party with any of our COE90 paintable shapes. Kids love to paint and decorate them!

Decorate your dragonfly with Glassline fusible paint or we recommend Colors For Earth glass paints or embellish your butterfly with fusible glass polka dots, noodles, stringers, frit, confetti, scrap glass and more!

Bend the dragonfly's wings with our Stainless Steel Bendable Mold to create a realistic dragonfly plant stake.

Painted or embellished butterfly can be used in fused, mosaic, or traditional stained glass projects.

Made in the USA!

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