Painted Butterfly with Optional Plant Stake

Painted Butterfly with Optional Plant Stake

Published by Jayme Fent on Feb 10th 2023

Howdy!  Did you know we have clear shapes that can be painted with glass paints?  Our clear shapes are available in COE90 and COE96.  We used our clear butterfly precut shape and gave it life with Colors for Earth glass paints.  Other paint such as Glassline paint pens will work as well. 

Let's Make It

Clean Precut Butterfly
  • Clean the glass butterfly with dish soap and water and then dry it with a lint free cloth or paper towel.
Trace Butterfly Pattern
  • Print the butterfly pattern. Click here to download pattern.
  • Align the glass butterfly base over the pattern.
  • Place the squeeze top and fine lining tip on the bottle of black outline and use it to outline the pattern on top of the glass butterfly base.

TIP: Before outlining the pattern on your butterfly, practice outlining on a piece of scrap glass until you get a consistent flow. If you make a mistake when outlining just wipe it off!

Mix Paint Colors
  • Using a palette knife, place a dime sized amount of each glass paint color on a small plate or paint well.
  • Add a few drops of glass medium to each color and mix them individually with the palette knife or a brush. Continue to add glass medium until the paint is the consistency of Elmer's glue.

TIP: If your paint starts to dry out just add a few more drops of glass medium.


Apply Paint

  • Use a soft liner brush to "drop and fill" the paint in the center of your outlined area, and then "push and pull" the paint to the edges until the whole area is covered. Try not to get any colored paint on the outline.

TIP: Once the paint has been applied to the glass ensure there is full coverage. It should have an opaque look-. any transparency will remain that way once the paint has been fired in the kiln.

Contour Fuse

  • Line kiln shelf with thin fire shelf paper.
  • Place the painted butterfly base on the fire paper, leaving 1/2" from the edge of the paper. If firing multiple pieces, leave at least 3/8" between them.
  • Fire to a contour fuse using the schedule below.
Contour Fuse Firing Schedule

Glue Butterfly to Plant Stake (Optional)
  • Clean the glue pad of the plant stake with alcohol or dish soap. Dry thoroughly.
  • Use clear RTV silicone adhesive to glue the butterfly to a plant stake.
  • Let dry 24 - 48 hours before using. Enjoy!


Precut Glass Shapes
  • 96-424 - Fusible Glass Precut Butterfly-Style 1 (1)

Glass Paint

Other Supplies

Project Notes

Due to the many varieties and sizes of glass kilns on the market, it is important to know that each of them will fire a little differently. Every project you create requires a different firing schedule so it is important to experiment with your kiln and take notes on the firing schedules that provides the best results with your kiln. 

Each product we offer from the Supplies list has been linked to make it easier for you to gather the supplies you need! We suggest using clear RTV silicone adheasives to glue glass to our plant stakes. This adhesive can be found in most hardware stores. 

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