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Published by Joyce Novotney on May 16th 2021

Main Category Overview

The Jubilee Creative website is divided into seven main categories - COE90, COE96, Decals, Displays, Mosaics, New Products and Supplies.  The main category tabs can be found at the top of the website, as shown in the image below.

  • COE90 & COE96: These two categories are where you will find glass items related to that COE.  These two categories are further divided into three sub-categories - Glass Embellishments, Precuts and Scrap Glass (more on these three later).
  • Decals: When we feel a precut design or shape would benefit from a custom decal we have them specially made and you can find them in this category.
  • Displays:  We carry a couple of different displays for your glass creations that can be found in this category.  Most notable in this category would be the 15" Garden Stake, it has been a best seller since we released it in 2013.
  • Mosaics:  In this category you will find our precuts specifically designed for mosaics.  These designs have a specific distance between the glass pieces to allow for nice grout line between them.
  • New Products:  This category allows you to easily find our newest products.
  • Supplies:  We sell a small but vital selection of fusing/mosaic supplies/tools that can be found in this category.  Examples would be fusing paper up to 1/8" thick, adhesives and a small selection of glass working tools.

Navigating the COE90 & COE96 Categories

When navigating the COE90 & COE96 categories you will find three sub-categories in each, as shown below.

  • Glass Embellishments:  This category contains a selection of items that can be used to decorate your glass projects.  A couple of the different embellishments are precut glass squiggles and glass dots.
  • Waterjet Scrap Glass:  We save all the scrap glass that accumulates in the cutting process, and once we have a lot of it, it gets packaged up and sold.  Scrap glass is great for using in pot melts and small projects, you can even use the scrap glass for mosaics.

Navigating the Precut Shapes Categories

The Precut Glass categories is where you find our line of fusible precut glass shapes.  We sell over 300 different individual precut shapes and a lot of those are available in multiple colors and sizes.  

We have divided the Precut Glass category into eight different sections - 3" Fusible Numbers, Animal Shapes, Odds & Ends, Seasonal Shapes, Geometric Shapes, Clear Shapes for Decorating, Glass Trees, Flowers & Garden Plants and Tropical Shapes.

  • 3" Fusible Numbers:  This category is pretty self explanatory, BUT did you know that you can also use these numbers as mosaic numbers.
  • Glass Animals & Insects:  We carry a wide selection of animal and insect shapes from paw prints to dragonflies to seahorses.
  • Odds & Ends:  This is where we place the precuts that just don't fit in one of the seven other sections.  Examples of what you can find in this category are puzzle pieces, a rubber duck, wine bottle shapes and much more.
  • Seasonal Shapes:  You can find shapes for almost every season in this category.  We have a large selection of shapes for Halloween and Christmas and even a precut turkey for Thanksgiving.
  • Geometric Shapes:  Circles, Hearts, Ovals & Stars can all be found here.  Circles and hearts can range in sizes from half inch up to three inches and both shapes come in a wide variety of colors.
  • Clear Shapes for Decorating:  The shapes in this category are great for quick and easy projects.  Just add some glass paint, frit, glass noodles/stringers or any of your favorite glass embellishments to these clear precut glass shapes to create Christmas tree ornaments, sun catchers for windows or even glue them to our 15" garden stake to use outdoors.
  • Glass Trees, Flowers & Garden Plants:  We have a nice collection of various varieties of tree leaves along with precuts in the shape of your favorite fruits and vegetables.  This section is also where you can find our precut flower designs. 
  • Tropical Shapes:  All things water can be found in this precut section.  Some examples would be precut glass flip flops, dolphins, fish, sea shells and much more.

When you enter one of these precut sections you can then apply some filters to further help you find what you are looking for.  For example when you enter the section for Glass Tree, Flowers & Garden Plants you will be able to use the filters on the left side of the webpage to filter the precuts in this section.  The specific filters in this section are Flowers, Fruit, Leaves, Southwest, Trees, and Vegetables.


The upper righthand corner of the website is where you will find icons to search, purchase/redeem gift certificates, log into or create an account and your shopping cart.

Lastly, if you need an easy way to get back to the homepage just click the Jubilee Creative logo in the center of the webpage at the top.

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